About Kolas


Member of Pangcah Indigenous Community (also known as Amis)

Contact Information:



Rm. 201, #3-1 Jinan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan



Graduated 1999 Master of Arts

Department of Sociology Tunghai University

Taichung, Taiwan


Graduated 1996 Bachelor of Laws

College of Law Tunghai University

Taichung, Taiwan



Feb 2016 – Now

Legislative Yuan

Legislator At Large (Member of Internal Administration Committee)

Democratic Progressive Party

Currently a legislator focused on all issues concerning Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Passed Third Reading:

  • 03/2016: Draft Amendments to the Provisions of Article 47 of the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act

Proposed Bills:

  • 05/2016: Draft to Abolish Mongolian and Tibetan Affair Commission
  • 05/2016: Draft Amendment to Article 16 of Immigration Act
  • 05/2016: Remote Township Education Bill
  • 05/2016: Memorial Holidays and Festivals Bill
  • 04/2016: Draft Amendments to the Provisions of Article 73 of the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act
  • 02/2016: Draft Amendments to the Provisions of Article 2 and Article 4 of the Name Act

Impromptu Motions:

  • 05/2016: Indigenous Reserved Land Development and Management
  • 05/2016: National Indigenous Museum Construction Plan (2016 – 2021)
  • 04/2016: Three-Day Holiday for Indigenous Peoples to Celebrate Annual Harvest Festival


12/2014 – 11/2015

Department of Indigenous Affairs, Taoyuan City Government

Director General

  • 10/2015: Obtained transportation assistance for 65,000 Indigenous Peoples to return to Annual Harvest Festival
  • 08/2015: Encouraged Indigenous Peoples to use their traditional names
  • 08/2015: promoted education of youths regarding traditional land monuments
  • 08/2015: Assisted Taoyuan Indigenous Peoples receive aid for damages sustained from Typhoon Soudelor
  • 08/2015: Promoted compensation for logging bans on indigenous reserved land
  • 05/2015: Promoted indigenous Group Insurance
  • 05/2015: Sales and Marketing Promotion of Indigenous Farm Product: Mamy Peach
  • 04/2015: Promoted Indigenous Rental Assistance


04/2005 – 12/2014

Taiwan Indigenous Television

Chief of Domestic News Desk


“Mata! To See the World”

TITV’s weekly flagship one-hour program that features in-depth stories of the global indigenous communities



Leading national indigenous daily news

Winner (2007) and the Nominee (2008, 2011, 2012) of Excellent Journalism Award


Won the Silver Drum Award of Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival in 2013 with the documentary “The Death of Wufeng”

Nominated for award at International Uranium Film Festival for “Fight for the Island”


  • Wu Den-yi, Former Vice President of Taiwan
  • Lee Teng-hui, Former President of Taiwan
  • Ludwig Scotty, Former President of Nauru
  • Ovide Mercredi and Phil Fontaine, National Chiefs of First Nation Assembly
  • Turiana Turia, Coleader of Maori Party
  • Ole Henrik Magga, First Chairman of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues